Integrating music therapy to help kids/youths identify, manage and cope with their emotions and triggers.

Ages 8-11yrs

It’s been a tough year.

Maybe even tougher for our kids.

Chances are, your child …

  • Is unable to talk about their feelings, and/or is even aware of them
  • Is depressed/low mood, isolated or “acting out”.
  • Doesn’t feel like they have a safe outlet to share specifically about feelings, especially new feelings related to the pandemic

As a parent, it’s hard to see your child struggling. All you want to do is support them, but you feel stuck and the strategies you’ve tried don’t seem to be working.

You may have searched endlessly online for different programs and support that can help them manage the amount of stress and anxiety they’re constantly feeling.

This is why I created Resilient Minds – 6 Week Emotional Support for Youths. To help kids manage and navigate their emotions and help deal with the increased stress and anxiety they’re feeling.

Lead by a Registered Physiotherapist and Music Therapist, Resilient Minds program will provide your child with…

  • Increased emotional awareness and language
  • Specific ideas for coping strategies, practiced in the group sessions
  • Environment to explore different responses to feelings and incorporating creative ways to this exploration
  • Connection with other youths
  • Creative activities with music

As a result, your child will…

  • Effectively articulate and express their thoughts and feelings
  • Have an increase in self-awareness and communication
  • Have healthy coping strategies, especially before the stressful situations
  • Improve confidence and well-being
  • Explore new and creative activities that open doors when feeling “stuck”/depressed or wanting an outlet for their experiences.


 Program runs once a week:  

Wednesdays September 22, 29, October 6, 13 & 20, 27, 2021.

Price: $250 + HST for full program.

Upon registration, a welcome package email will be sent to you with zoom link and all the necessary information needed to get started.

There’s support available for your kids. Register them for Resilient Minds Resilient Minds – 6 Week Emotional Support for Youths to help them manage and navigate their emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.

Materials List

  • Instruments – If you happen to have musical instruments of any type, then they can be used. If not, drums and other types of percussion can be created using items found around your home, such as:
    • Pots, buckets, or Rubbermaid boxes can be used for drums, and can be played with wooden spoons, sticks, tree branches, or other items with wooden handles
    • Jars or plastic bottles can be filled with rice, beans, or beads to make shakers
    • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls can be filled with rice, beans, or beads to make shakers/rainsticks. Fill (not completely), seal, and decorate!
    • The body can also be used! Body percussion options can also be given
  • Lined paper and pens/pencils, or a small notebook
  • Blank paper and pencil crayons, crayons, or pastels for drawing